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Post by desrever » Wed Oct 18, 2006 1:40 am

Another economical IKEA-inspired idea is to [ab]use their hanging shoe rack: ... r=00095376

I have one of these for shoes. I quickly tested this out with some bottles I had on hand. Each cell will fit 1 bottle easily, and 2 bottles tightly (diagonally inscribed in the square), depending on the bottle size. I was using a narrow zinfandel bottle and a rather wide sake bottle. They fit tightly, but since it's textile, there is definite wiggle room. If you can fit 2 bottles per cell, you're talking 35 cents US per bottle, plus the cost of the rail to hang it from. Even at 1 bottle per cell, that's way cheaper than the GORM solution. This system is also scaleable -- both horizontally and vertically; you can put boxes or anything you like in the space between the bottom and the floor, and if the boxes are a bit high, you can just empty the bottom shelf or two, and they collapse.

Just an idea, no promises that this would actually work. You would obviously want to try this out with a full load of wine bottles before committing, and make sure that you could build a rail to accomodate all the weight.

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