Equipment for wine transfer

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Equipment for wine transfer

Post by petethib » Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:23 am

We pressed 280 gallons of must last Tuesday Oct, 17. We filled almost 4 sixty gallon barrels. The last barrel has about 2 inches space from the top. I need some wine transfer equipment for topping off and perhaps a nitrogen insertion device. I do have one empyt 60 gallon barrel left. So I need to figure out how to manage this system. This is our 2ed season making our wine. We planted 350 Pinot Noir vines 4 years ago as this is our 4 season. We got 28 gallons of must last year and 10 times the amount this year. We have a concrete cellar to store the wine.

Thanks for any suggestions. I'm sure I'll need a pump, any suggestions?

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Post by carleola » Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:06 pm

For the volumes you are talking about I suggest a Zambelli T-25. This pumps 25 liter/minute which will not unnecessarily agitate and aerate your wine. This pump uses an impeller system for pumping and comes with a by-past for lower flow rates when topping-up

Please note, that if you are pumping must with grapeskins (pre-pressing) you will require a monoscrew pump and minimum 1.5 inch hoses.

There are numerous inert gass systems for storing wine with head space. has some for sale.

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