Modifying Variable Volume Tank Lids

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Modifying Variable Volume Tank Lids

Post by markchamness » Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:23 pm

I have a 300 Liter variable volume Speidel tank. The orange plastic airlock in the lid broke and I'm looking for a better solution than a replacement. Sean, at the Los Altos store, suggested welding on a 2-inch stainless ferrule in the lid in place of the airlock. ... 22_Ferrule

That would enable the mounting of a tri-clamp end cap. The advantages are:
1. The end cap could be tapped for an Argon gas line (of course, pressure regulated to 0.1 psi).
2. It could easily be removed for the addition of sulfites, bentonite, etc.
3. It would be tall enough so that it wouldn't spill over (currently a problem with a silicone bung)

Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have recommendations for tank lid modifications?

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