spinning Barrel Head Cleaner

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spinning Barrel Head Cleaner

Post by Flame145 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:55 pm

I bought the spinning barrel head cleaner, from more wine. I made up 3/4 " copper piece, roughly 3 feet before the head. The water just dribbles out of the head. I called more wine, and they said it should work with standard street water pressure. Standard street pressure is roughly between 70 and 85 psi. I checked hose spicket at the same place where I tested my barrel cleaner, with a water psi guage, I'm getting 100 psi, which is actually a little high. So by now means is the pressure to low.
So I tried dialing the incoming copper down, to 3/8, then even down to 1/4 inch. I was looking to build the pressure prior to the cleaning head. The same effect, the water is just dribbling out of the end, and barely spinning the head. Now either the 70 dollar head is a piece of garbage, or it needs to be used with a power sourece, ie... a power washer. I called more wine again and they insisted it is used with standard street water pressure.
Does anyone have any suggestion. I'm getting ready to throwing it in the garbage and going back to using a garden hose to wash out my barrel.spicket

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