Kreyer Chilly 45 Operation

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Kreyer Chilly 45 Operation

Postby hawkwatch » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:40 am

We own a small (1,500 cases annually) boutique winery in Southern California. We have had a Kreyer Chilly 45 for about 6 years now and bought it from MoreWine. I use it to control white wine fermentation in 2 small 200 gallon fermenters using an 8 meter cooling snake in each fermenter. I also use it to cold stabilize the wines prior to bottling. For whatever reason I can not seem to achieve cold enough temperatures with the unit to allow for cold stability to take place easily. Currently I have the tank thermostats set at -2C (about 28F) and the chiller set at -7C. The best the chiller can achieve is -6C but that means running constantly. The unit is outside and nighttime ambient air temps right now average about 34F; daytime temps in the mid to upper 50Fs. Although the tank is set at -2C and has only 170 gallons in it, the best I have been able to achieve is 0C. The snake is fully submerged and glycol is flowing freely. Why can I not get the temperature any lower? The glycol is about 28%, everything is plumbed with 1/2 ID hose and the run is only about 5 feet to the tank. What am I doing wrong???

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