Number of Transfers

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Number of Transfers

Post by The Amazing Tuna » Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:27 am

I have a simple but silly question concerning the number of transfers of wine.

I decided to try making a batch of wine, and decided my first try should be as inexpensive as possible. I obtained a recipe from the wine making home page which calls for Welch's grape juice. It calls for only one transfer after 30 days, and then bottle. I was looking at other recipes and saw that they require up to six transfers. I was wondering what transfers do for the wine, and why the Welch's grape juice recipe does not call for more of them. It should be noted that I used 3 cans of grape concentrate per gallon instead of the required 2 cans in the recipe. Other than that I followed the directions.

I understand that my wine from concentrate can not be considered anything more than table wine at best, and I was wondering if this is why it requires fewer transfers. Would more time in the carboy with more transfers add to the flavor and quality?

Thank you.
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