How many gravity points from 1 gallon cherry juice?

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How many gravity points from 1 gallon cherry juice?

Post by summy » Sun Aug 26, 2007 1:41 pm

Hey all. I brought this over from the beer ingredients page. Thought you all might know a little bit better than we beer-makers?

"Hey all. Does anyone know approximately how many gravity points I can expect to add from the addition of 1 gallon of Knudsen's Organic Tart Cherry juice to my base beer? My O.G. of the base beer was 1.044. That fermented down in one day and then I added the juice for a secondary fermentation which has lasted about 1 week. I want to know if it is done, by using my refractometer. I took a reading and got 7* Brix, but without knowing what my O.G. was (after adding fruit) there is no number to put in as my O.G. into the Promash calculator."
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