Slow mead despite using SNA-increase temp or more nutrients?

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Slow mead despite using SNA-increase temp or more nutrients?

Postby krizwit » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:38 pm

Hey all,

I have only made a few meads in the past (really crappy one, good one after aged, and two session meads) and need some advice.

Used 16.5# (27.5 brix)of orange blossom honey in 5g batch with 8grams of hydrated 71B, fermenting at a steady 61-62 deg (in garage with temp control) from pitching to Day 11.

Shake carboy 2 to 3 times per day to release some CO2 and get the yeast & nutrients back into suspension

Pitch: Added 6.5g of GoFerm to 8g of yeast (I now know I should have added more GoFerm, however I wasn’t sure how much yeast I should use – I see anywhere from 1g to 3g of yeast per gallon online/magazines/book)
Day 1: I waited about 16 hours before added 2.5g of Fermaid K
Day 2: 1g of Fermaid K
Day 3: 2g of Fermaid K with 2g of DAP
Day 4: 5g of Fermaid K – 25 brix
Day 5: 12g of Fermaid K
Day 8: Last big carboy swirl. OG 1.074 based on 27.5brix to 21.75 brix
Day 9: 2g of DAP, 9p potassium bicarbonate (prior to pitching, it looked like the pH was roughly 3.3 or so using strips) 21 brix
Day 11: Light swirl with raking cane, mead smells and tastes good(sweet) at 20 brix. Just raised temp from 62 to 64

Based on getting close to ½ sugar depletion and slow ferment, should I add some fermaid K and continue to bump up the temp gradually to 70?
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Re: Slow mead despite using SNA-increase temp or more nutrie

Postby KTbrew » Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:40 pm

I'm no expert but my meads are tasting pretty good these days. I find that active yeast makes a big difference. I like to make a starter with a mixture of orange juice boiled with sugar water. I don't know how you aerated. If you don't have an O2 tank a hand blender works really good. I find 61-62 is a little low. 70ish should be no problem.

Here's what I do-
day 1. Yeast starter, nutrient (I like fermaid-K) and DAP, aerate. Ferment around 70.
day 3. yeast nutrient.
When fermentation is around 50% complete another yeast starter and nutrient.
3 days later, more nutrient.

Swirl carboy regularly to de-gas.

Recently I made a mead which started around 1.100. after 1.5 weeks I checked the gravity and it was already down to 1.004 before I even added the second yeast pitch.

Obviously this reply is way late, but hopefully it will aid in someone's mead making.
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