Problem with MoreBeer Heated/Cooled Conical

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Problem with MoreBeer Heated/Cooled Conical

Postby MikePutt » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:14 pm

I have and early-model 24 gallon heated/cooled conical fermenter. I brewed a Kolsch on Monday and when I plugged the fermenter into my wall outlet, I heard a loud "POP" and the cooling system did not turn on. I checked the power supply with a volt meter and I am getting 115V coming in to the power supply/converter, but no voltage coming out. I figured something fried in the power converter.

I called MoreBeer and they sent me a replacement power converter ($150) which arrived a couple days later. The label on my original power supply shows an output of 13.5V, 36 amps. The one that they sent me show 13.5V, 22 amps. Despite this discrepancy, I hooked it up.

When I connect the 115V cord to the new power supply and plug it in I see 115V coming in and 28V indicated on the DC output terminals and the little green light is on and solid. I'm not sure why the voltage is higher than 13.5V, but I never had a reason to check the voltage output on the original while it was working? So I continued to hook up the DC side...

But when I hook up the cooling unit wires to the new power supply, the voltage bounces between about 1.5V and 20V, the green light does a repeated double-blink, and the fans turn on but they are very slow and also tend to speed up and down, like the voltage.

I don't want to confuse things, but I've also had a recurring problem with the plug between the fermenter cooling units and the power supply getting hot and melting the plastic plug housing. I've replaced the plug a few times, twice with the same exact plug and another with a different type of plug. Each time I replaced it, it works fine for a few years before it melts again. After it melted a couple brews ago I just wire-nutted the wires together, but it makes it more of a chore to move for cleaning and I want to fix the plug issue. MoreBeer says that they are working on getting a new plug for me but wasn't sure which one since I have an early-model fermenter (I don't have the original anymore). I think these two things are separate issues since the plugs last several years, but maybe not? I've also replaced both peltier chips over the last +/- 10 years since I've had the fermenter.

I've asked to speak to someone who is technical/familiar with trouble shooting these types of problems, but for some reason they are not connecting me with that person. I've talked to him before when I had to replace the peltier chips, I just can't remember his name...They tell me they will talk to their "manager".

I can really use some advice from anyone who has had similar issues or may have an idea what is going on. Or even if you know the person's name at MoreBeer who knows about the fermenters so I can ask to speak to him directly the next time I call.

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Problem with MoreBeer Heated/Cooled Conical

Postby Brewtime » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:03 am

I would give More Beer a call they do not monitor this forum anymore. There are only a handful of us diehards that still lurk in the shadows here.

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