MoreWine! Los Altos Spring Harvest + Winemaking Class

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MoreWine! Los Altos Spring Harvest + Winemaking Class

Post by philm » Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:54 pm

Open to any and all but the class is focused on the beginner. Since we will be using frozen must and working basically as if we harvested the grapes there is no better way to learn the process of making your own wine. Books are great but actually using the info at the same time is even better. Details below:

MoreWine! Spring Harvest Event

Why wait until September to make wine when you can try it now? Here's your opportunity to learn how to make wine on a small scale before getting into the rush of the fall harvest. We are teaming up with Brehm Vineyards to offer their frozen must (grapes were harvested, crushed, destemmed, and frozen from some of California's finest vineyards during the fabulous 2007 harvest), all the necessary equipment, and a winemaking class. We're even throwing in a free press rental - a $60 value - to make it easier for you to get started.

We're offering several options so you can choose whichever makes sense for you right now. A few details:

* Reserve your varietal and quantity by Monday, March 31st - email
* All must will be delivered to MoreFlavor!, Los Altos on Saturday morning, April 19th
* An optional hands-on winemaking class will be held at MoreFlavor!, Los Altos on Saturday, April 19th from 11 to 4 and a follow-up class to press the wine on Saturday, April 26th from 11 to 4

Option A) Grapes (any quantity of pails you want, however for reds use 2 pails for a 5 gallon batch or 12 pails for a 30 gallon barrel; for whites you will get pressed juice) :

* Pinot Noir @ $144 per 5 gallon pail (specs - 2007 White Salmon Vineyard, Underwood WA 24.5 Brix, .94 TA, 3.22 pH)
* Merlot @ $159 per 5 gallon pail (specs - 2007 Suscol Ranch, Napa CA 26.0 Brix, .61 TA, 3.44 pH)
* Syrah @ $134 per 5 gallon pail (specs - 2007 Alexander Valley, Sonoma CA 25.0 Brix, .60 TA, 3.6 pH)
* Chardonnay @ $139 per 5 gallons (specs - 2007 Monterrey, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA 24.8 Brix, .87 TA, 3.39 pH)
* Pinot Grigio/Gris @ $150 per 5 gallons (specs - 2007 Columbia Gorge, WA 21.0 Brix, .86 TA, 3.22 pH)

Option B) Winemaking Class : this is a special opportunity because you will get a chance to work directly with the must and we will walk through the complete process of making red wine with one of the varietals above, includes testing & pressing - a 2 part class

* Saturday, April 19th 11 - 4 (harvest day) & Saturday, April 26th 11-4 (pressing day) - $150 limited to 10 so please reserve your space as soon as possible (priority will go to those choosing option C)

Option C) Grapes + Class + Equipment : with this complete package you will get the best experience possible (and a 15% discount off the hardware!) includes class, your choice of grape varietal, and the necessary hardware and testing equipment to make 5 or 30 gallons of wine

* For 5 gallons - 2 pails of grapes (price depends on varietal) + $150 for the class + $150 for all equipment needed to ferment and age your wine
* For 30 gallons - 10 pails + $150 for the class + $350 for all equipment
* Options available include -- add a 30 gallon barrel and rack for $325, or professional testing from harvest to bottling for $200

Please email Phil Montalbano to reserve your grapes, class, and equipment.

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