kefir grains and lactose-free milk?

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kefir grains and lactose-free milk?

Postby wrplace » Fri Nov 11, 2005 12:24 pm

I've been fermenting nonfat milk for a year or so now. I know the grains are supposed to grow in size the longer you ferment with them, but mine haven't changed as far as I can tell. I ferment a quart or two/month and haven't split the grains yet. Anybody else trying kefir?

Also, anybody try making kefir or yogurt with lactose-free milk? I got wildly different kefir with that compared to nonfat regular. It seemed to ferment and separate out to curds and whey quickly, which I guess I could expect since the glucose and galactose in it is more easily fermented by kefir microbes than lactose. It was also much more sour and alcoholic. I think I almost caught a buzz from my morning smoothie. :D
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