Kefir grains, kombucha,Pima

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Kefir grains, kombucha,Pima

Postby miketina4ever » Wed Nov 16, 2005 8:42 am

Hi all,
I ferment milk with Kefir grains, it taste like a good buttermilk, but more fizzy. Pima is like kefir but without the grains. I also use creme de franchase. It ferments heavy cream which can be used for cooking or a rich drink. Here is a web link to help explain what it is about. I have my group but it is not as active as the first group. It is like when I first learned about brewing. A brand new great thing. That is the way it is with these cultures. My group link is ... ogurt_CSY/

Another good group is kombuch which is fermented tea. The link is

If you join these groups you can usually get starts and learn how to make these wonderful cultures.

I still like beer the best, There is nothing better than making a good batch of beer. I like the whole process, especially when you drink a perfect beer that you have made. I hope everyone will check out these links, It makes good reading anyway.. Sincerely Mike
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