Pickled Eggs as a money maker

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Pickled Eggs as a money maker

Postby miketina4ever » Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:42 am

Hi all,
I make pickled eggs all the time. My father was in the navy and he worked in the club all the time to make extra money. He always sold pickled eggs. My 2 brother and I would help mom peel the eggs and she would make them. I am talking lots of eggs at least 5 or 6 dozens a day. He perfected the recipe over the years. I make them now for the local bar down the road. They give me all the money also, because it makes the customers drink more beer ha ha. The money is very good, a lot more than you would think. I make at least 15 to 20 dollars a day profit. I have to make sure to plan ahead and to make the owner happy if there is any problems, but it is easy money. This is a good project for a responsible child to make money. I did this when I was in highschool instead of putting up hay and made a lot more money at it too. Mike
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