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Posted: Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:18 am
by Keith
The Classified section is for forum users selling gear or for Craigslists/eBay/etc. finds ONLY.

Forum descriptor from the main page:
NON-COMMERCIAL stuff for sale and other similar type posts. This is for forum members trying to get rid of some used gear. Don't try running a business here or selling something you're manufacturing yourself as it will be deleted. If this is going to be your only post, it will be scrutinized with a stricter eye. This is for forum members, not trollers.

This goes for the Off Topic area or any other area of this forum as well. If you're trying to run a business here or think this is a marketing outlet for your business, you'll most certainly get a flaming from the users and your commercial posts (and possibly your account) will be deleted and you will be permanently banned.