question about ginger beer - cold crash?

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question about ginger beer - cold crash?

Post by » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:27 pm

So to be short. I made a sorghum gluten free beer 10 days ago . O check og and was 1.045 I guess about right/. I took a reading today but was only 1.035. primary fermentation is done, nice yeast cake. Some continous small bubbles rising, so still working a little. But i have a competition i wanted to toss it in. I think it's cloudy b/c of the 2 cups of chopped ginger root I added to teh fermenter after the boil. SO i need to bottle tommorrow. and then it will have sat 7 days before they judge. SO i can cold crash overnight and bottle tommorrow and hope its clearer. or let it sit at 66 ambient and bottle tommorrow. I took a 5 ml sample off and let it sit. Within an hour a decent amount of stuff (ginger? yeast?) settled out at room temp.

SO do i cold crash, and if so will enough yeast carry into the bottles with a coopers drop for carb?

or do i just let it go and i think they be a layer on the bottom that will be more than a carbonation layer within the bottle. The rest i will let go for another week and keg. It was godd last year i just never bottled it, so it all crashed out clear in teh keg anyway,

FYI- S05 used, 6 lbs sorguhm and 1lb honey. fermented at ~66 on carboy reading
any suggestions is appreciated.

Ill take another fG on the settled out clear upper layer, maybe the refraometer is reading the debris?


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Re: question about ginger beer - cold crash?

Post by Maineac » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:21 am

Did you measure the FG with the refractometer?
If so, refractometer readings are not accurate after there is alcohol present.
Try using the calculator at
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