The Dissident, Deschutes Brewing

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The Dissident, Deschutes Brewing

Post by KTbrew » Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:46 am

The Dissident, Deschutes Brewing

This is a beer that I’ve had many times before, but the other night I opened a bottle that I’ve had aging for three years. So here we go.

Appearance- I can’t decide if its light brown with red highlights, or red with light brown highlights. So it’s red/brown and fairly cloudy. Not a brilliant clear beer but still pretty served in goblet or tulip glass. Cream colored head forms initially but quickly dissipates.

Aroma- From the moment you open the bottle nice ripe berry fruit aroma fills the air. Cherries and what reminds me of pinot noir red wine. Fruit mingles and blends nicely with a bret. funk aroma which is more subtle than some sours. The funk is secondary and complements the fruit nicely. This is more of a fresh orchard sort of funk than a strong farm funk, and it does add some fruit character of its own. As the beer warms up the funk and malt come out a bit more.

Flavor- Immediately greeted by a blend of ripe berry fruit, (pinot noir like). Defiantly cherry but not dominated. The cherries, barrels and fermentation all add fruit notes that work together wonderfully. Malts are complementary, like a subtle and not overly caramely brown ale, and come out more as the beer warms up. While there are some sweet aromas to this beer I would not say it tastes sweet. However, the sourness is not overly puckering and provides a nice balance. It is tart but not strongly sour. Subtle oak plays a background role. Aftertaste is lingering fruit and quite refreshing.

Mouth feel- High levels of carbonation make this beer quite effervescent. A bit more body than some sour beers which leaves lingering aftertaste.

Overall- This does not taste like a 10%+ beer. Its refreshing and sends you back for another sip. I appreciate that fact the bret. funk is more on the refreshing side than the dank, heavy funk that you sometimes find in similar beers. Those who have tried sour beers in the past and not cared for them may like this one more than others. My wife does not like anything funky, or Belgian for that matter, but had positive things to say about this beer. Wine lovers are sure to appreciate this beer. I have had this beer many times in the past and will continue to buy and age bottles for future enjoyment.

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Re: The Dissident, Deschutes Brewing

Post by tookalisten » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:02 am

I appreciate your review. I am in the group that is trying to develop a taste for the funk; so this sounds like one I should try.
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