Petrus Dubbel Bruin Ale

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Petrus Dubbel Bruin Ale

Post by turbo_ale » Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:41 pm

I have a lot of favorite beers, just like music, it's hard to say what's my favorite ? Well today I had the pleasure to drink a beer that was so special from the pour, viewing in the glass the garnet red/brown haze free color, the large tan head, glass lacing, aroma, flavor, taste, just blew me away. This beer was perfect in every way from start to finish, only one exception, wish I had another three. In my opinion this is a 50 point beer, I could drink so many of these and not tire, a beer made for the Beer God's.

This is a Belgian double brown ale, 6.5% abv, malty sweetness, caramelized flavor, unique yeast derived flavors. ... -bruin-ale
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