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Plum Sake Nirvana

Postby stardust » Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:23 pm

The plum sake turned out very well, pure nirvana. This is MHO and the opinion of 15 party goers last Saturday. It is just as good as ‘Nagasaki Black Orchid Plum “Junmai Ginjo Sake” 375ml $12 Handcrafted, super-premium Junmai Ginjo Sake made with natural Santa Rosa plums. ‘
This is in spite of my many screw ups.
I made no additions at yodan.
September 20th, added plum wine made with sake yeast and sake together in 5 gallon carboy.
"Then just siphon the sake out from under the kasu (粕) - the rice lees that are floating on top of your sake."
The kasu was all at the bottom. :lol:
"Then take the kasu and pour it into a nylon or canvas mesh bag (if you have a small fruit press this will be a lot easier) and press as much sake out as you can."
The pantyhose were too weak and so was my left knee.
The racking process was a mess.
The ‘must’ was cloudy
‘Must’ kept at 50F.
On 10/11 heated two packs gelatin in one quart of boiled cooled water and drizzled into 'must' for clarification.
This did not work.
Added approx. ½ cup of sugar to each 3 qt of pretty, light pink, plum sake and heated up to 140 F.
ROTFLMAO :lol: when I pasteurized the plum sake in 750 ml corked bottles at 160 F and the corks in the bottles popped out like popcorn. :oops:
Started over with temporary rubber/ spring stoppers and let loose the pressure every 2 minutes for 10 minutes.
Re corked immediately after moving bottles from water.

Every bottle has some ‘lees’ in the bottom. Spilled about a bottles worth and one cheap, light green bottle broke in the 160 F water. Ended up with 18 bottles.
Next year I will do one, some, or all of the following;

Get a strong mesh bag to rack the plum wine and sake with
Get a small fruit press for this process
Grind up the calrose rice a bit before using
Use fancy rice grown for sake

And, I will use temporary spring corks for pasteurization. :D
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