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Ronco Showtime as Roaster

Postby msav » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:15 am

Hey guys.

I read from a few people and places that the ronco showtime would not reach roasting temps. I picked one up on craigslist for $25 and I ran an experiment before purchasing a a Drum From CRC.

Sure enough after 15 min temperature inside the rotisserie still was sitting around 375. not nearly enough to roast. Another 4 mins only got it to 380. I read somewhere that a covering the glass with foil would help. I still was not sure it would help much. I let the unit cool and completely wrapped the door in multiple layers of foil. I even rolled up some foil and put them in the vent slots behind the glass then wrapped one more layer to hold them in place.

I then fired up the totally cool rotisserie and imagine my surprise when it hit 450 in about 4 min. I could not believe that foil would have that much of an impact. I gave it 5 more min and it was up to 500.

I then ordered my drum from CRC.

I roasted my first batch the other day in the drum. Put 8oz of beams in the preheated 350 degree rotisserie. I watched my temperature and became worried when it reached 450 and I still had not heard a single crack.(I had read that it was hard to hear in these machines) I then began briefly opening the door and looking at the beans through the holes in the drum. Still looked pretty green. when my temps reached about 470 I began to hear first crack. This happens in about 9 mins. At 10 mins it sounded like firecrackers smoke was pouring out. I thought did I go from first crack right into 2nd. I checked a couple times opening the door quickly. at 11 mins I said thats it and pulled the beans out. I found that 2 sets of needle nose pliers worked great and was able to remove and dump the beans in about 10 secs without burning myself. The beans were about at a full city roast. total roast time was 11 mins with me opening the door about 5 times.

I actually enjoyed the flavor, it was much different than my air popper would produce. I still felt that the roast happened too quickly for a drum. I am thinking maybe putting a pound of beans in next time and see if it slows the roast down.

I have about 10 4 oz batches under my belt in the hot air popper (P&S popcorn pumper) and just the single 8oz batch in the ronco.

anyone have any additional tips or helpful experiences with the above units.

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