Indonesian Sumatra

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Indonesian Sumatra

Post by cooldaddybeck » Tue Apr 04, 2006 11:13 am

I guess my brewing notes for the first roast are under Home Roasting. It was taken to the end of the first crack and proved quite popular in the office.

I'm drinking the second roast now, taken to the second crack (which continued while cooling). This roast presents much darker than the first. I'm not sensing any bitterness, more of a smooth, full flavor. I'd probably rank it in the mild range for dark roasts as far as prominant flavors. It really just fits into the typical "coffee" aroma and flavor department, but seems much more refined than anything you could get at the store. It's a very likeable every day brew with low acidity.

I'll be stocking this bean for daily use. It's extremely likeable and proving popular in the office.
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