Electric Percolators

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Electric Percolators

Postby Beer Bar0n » Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:51 am

I consider myself a coffee snob - I always grind my beans every morning (though I don't roast them myself) and use carbon filtered water to brew it up. I used a french press for a while, but I switched to an electric percolator and I think the flavor can't be beat. I always wash out the pot and clean the filter basket with a toothbrush before I brew and unplug the unit once the sensor shuts off the heating element. I would say that the coffee from my percolator is more to my liking than any other method and would even go so far as to suggest that all coffee lovers should try a cup made with care in an electric percolator and compare to a cup made with a press or a drip system. The press coffee always tastes muddy to me and the filters seems to suck up a lot of the flavor. I just saw this forum at the bottom of the homebrewing ones and though I'd stir it up a bit.
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