Record Setting Coffee Price

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Record Setting Coffee Price

Post by Predeterminator » Wed Mar 08, 2006 8:02 pm

At least the farmers are going to get some decent coin for a change.

From the March 8, 2006 Contra Costa Times:

The vast majority of the world supplies of green coffees (unroasted) trade on the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) under a futures and options contract known as the "C." Specialty grade lots (37,500 pounds) trade at the "C" contract rate plus a premium, depending on specific quality levels, with current composite spot rates hovering around 95 cents a pound. Recently, the Cup of Excellence program was formed as a way to showcase the very best coffees in the world and provide a vehicle for farmers to offer those coffees for sale to a discriminating audience of specialty roasters. Farmers cultivate, harvest and process their finest coffees in very small quantities, usually 10-20 bags (1,200-2,400 pounds). Each coffee is judged and scored by an international panel of tasters know as "cuppers," in a manner similar to fine wines. The top lots from each participating country are put up for bid in an Internet auction, with nearly 80 percent of the proceeds returned to the winning farmers. A record-setting price of $49.75 pound stunned the coffee world in the most recent Brazil CoE for a coffee scoring more than 95 points. Higher prices for outstanding coffees will continue to make a difference in the lives of these farmers, and will enable consumers to taste some of the most exceptional coffees ever offered. For more information, go to

What do you think this will cost when it hits the U.S. :?:
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Post by JP » Tue May 09, 2006 9:43 am

Talk about a kick in the sack ...

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Re: Record Setting Coffee Price

Post by juliavasa5 » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:38 pm

I called the Lincoln Park Zoo, hoping to persuade it to kick out some boring animals like tigers and lions and open The Civet Coffee House. About 450 civets would do it. We could require that every Chicago politician pick through the leavings with rubber gloves, to make up for all their graft, and submit to full-body searches so they won't steal any beans. I'd gladly accept 10 percent off the top as my consultant fee.

They are not cats, exactly, they're civets, which is worse. A civet is a 10-pound cat with soft, pudgy hands. They creep through Indonesian and Ethiopian coffee fields at night, eating the fruit, swallowing the beans, as hapless peasants trudge behind them, gingerly collecting the undigested beans, perhaps singing a folk song or two about stupid North Americans, and ship them here, where it sells for $420 a pound.

At a Starbucks, a few patrons said they might try the special coffee, but what do you expect from people who spend four bucks a cup? At the Billy Goat Tavern, where I get my coffee, it costs 55 cents, and Spiros and Nonda, the grill men, were so appalled about Kopi Luwak that they cursed in Greek and made hand gestures mocking the foolishness of man.
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