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Post Formatting FAQs

Post by Keith » Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:41 am

How do I add a link (URL, Uniform Resource Locator; aka "address" of the web page)?

If you type in the URL of page you wish to reference, when your post is posted it will automatically show up as a clickable link (blue and underlined). You can also use the URL tag while composing the post by highlighting the URL and clicking the "URL" button, as shown:

Code: Select all


How do I make text I write link to a web page?

Use the text you want to link to inside the URL tags, as shown:

Code: Select all

Check out [url=][/url].

Which will produce this: Check out

How do I insert pictures in my post?

Similar to the URL tag, type in/cut-and-paste the URL while composing your post, highlight the URL with your mouse, and click on the "Img" button, as shown:

Code: Select all


Some image hosting providers do the work for you. For instance, PhotoBucket has 3 different codes under the images you store for posting in different formats. Clicking on one of these will copy that code and all you have to do is paste it into the composition window.

! NOTE: ! Be mindful of the image size. 640x480 is generally large enough to get your point across; smaller sizes may be appropriate. Larger sizes may make it difficult for users with dialup connections to view (may even precipitate a crash) and people will want to see, for instance, a picture of you drinking a beer, not the fine detail of the blood vessels in your eyes of the plaque between your teeth.

Can I use HTML?

No. The forum software is set to disable HTML for security reasons (ie. spammers and hackers running scripts that could jeopardize your computer).

What are tags?

Tags are the "commands" you see in backets in the code above. They tell the phpBB software to do certain things, like link to a web page, post an image, etc. For more info on tags and BBCode, click here.

Why do my posts have lots of question marks in them?

If you compose your posts in Microsoft Word, some characters and hidden formatting code will not be read by the phpBB software and show up as a question mark. Additionally, some alternate characters (such as umlauts, degree symbols, accented characters) will not show up either.

How do I change the font color of text in my posts?

Highlight the text you wish to change the color of and click on the font colour drop down box. Select the color you wish. NOTE: colors such as cyan, white, and yellow will be difficult to read against the forum color background. You can also use the color tags as shown:

Code: Select all

This is the color [color=darkblue]dark blue[/color].

Which will produce this: This is the color dark blue

How do I change the font size of my posts?

Similar to changing the color, highlight the text you wish to change the font size of and click on the font size drop down box.

How does the "Quote" button work?

The Quote button produces quote tags much the same way the Img button produces Img tags. When replying to a post, you can click "Quote" in the post and it will automatically copy the text and indicate the author of the text, as shown:

Code: Select all

[quote="Keith"]I like beer[/quote]

Which will produce this:

Keith wrote:I like beer

How does the "Code" button work?

The Code button produces the Code tag that essentially tells the phpBB software to not do what the enclosed tags are telling it to. The Code button was used to create the examples above where it says "Code:".

Again, please remember that many users are viewing the forum while at work (like we're supposed to be working?!?!). As such, please refrain from using adult content such as nudity, partial nudity, or sexually suggestive content in your avatar and/or signature that would otherwise jeopardize someone's job. If you wouldn't put a picture of it on your desk, it doesn't belong here.

Any other questions, feel free to ask in the Support area or send a message to a Moderator.


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Re: Post Formatting FAQs

Post by bababa3216 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:47 pm

highlight the text you wish to change the font size of and click on the font size drop down box.

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