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a few new board features

Postby gfoster » Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:05 pm

Two things I want to discuss right off the bat in the new board feature set are the "report this post" and user warning features.

If you look at a post, in the lower right hand corner you'll see a red exclamation point. If you click on that, you will flag that post and it will be reported to the moderator team. Please DO use this if you see a spam post or a fight starting, as we don't always catch them early. Please do NOT use the feature just to either (a) see if we are paying attention or (b) grind an axe because you didn't like what someone said. If you just don't like what someone said, tough... deal with it :)

Hand in hand with that is the new user warning feature. We can hand out warnings to users who habitually start fights, etc. Honestly, I have no idea what the warnings do yet, so if someone wants to volunteer to do some testing with me I'll explore it and see what happens and how to use the toolset. I'd prefer someone who we can chat on the phone while testing it, so if you want to test it with me give me a PM.

We're hoping this will help us to keep things to a dull roar around here. I really do hope you guys *do* use the "report this post" feature for things that are obviously over the line because it makes it a whole lot easier to catch things before they get out of hand. Please don't post the normal "you're an ahole, die spammer, etc". just click on the exclamation point and let us know what's up and we'll take care of it.

Thanks guys!

-- Gary F.
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