Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 51 - Far Out in Fargo

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Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 51 - Far Out in Fargo

Postby Denny » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:57 pm

https://www.experimentalbrew.com/podcas ... -out-fargo

Once more it's feedback - this time on the safety of canned starters and our cider episode. Denny gets his mushroom correction on. We stop by the pub to talk a whole bunch of beer news, including GABF breweries, more water canning, how a Ninkasi winner got his brewing shut down and how one restaurant stepped in to save a whole bunch of breweries from losing their kegs. In the brewery, Drew walks through a little math and a spreadsheet for brewing that he uses. In the lab we revisit the keg purge experiment with a couple of listeners feedback. In the Lounge, Drew sits down last year with John Wilkinson, the organizer of the Prarie Homebrewing Companions' Hoppy Halloween Competition and would you look at that - entries are open for this years comp! Then we hit a few questions , a quick tip, and we remember Tom Petty because seriously.
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