Use of Barrels

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Use of Barrels

Postby dbmerlot » Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:22 am

Have been making wine from kits for a few years and have had very good results,just recived a new 6.1 gallon Hung. Oak barrel ,Have always used carboys in past. my plan is to run 3 whites through in primary , 2 Chards and 1 pinot gris ,and then use barrel to bulk age a big red for @ 6 months.Two questions 1. I am going to use kits ;easy to obtain and, I can get the wines that I want and have made before so i can compare results.with the whites that i am going to do Primary in barrel on the second and third wines will there be enough yeast left in barrel to get them to kick off or, do i need to sanitize barrel and restart fresh? my plan is to run them one after another without any delay, in other words after primary done on first rack into secondary and start next same day.
2. I like all kind of reds any suggestions for the first red to age in this new (only used for doing primary for 3 whites) Barrel ?
any input would be welcome am looking forward to taking my wine making to next level .Thanks
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Re: Use of Barrels

Postby docmckee » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:36 am

I would think there would be plenty of yeast left to give you a good start on a new fermentation, but that isn’t what concerns me. I’d also worry about what else is in there! After a full fermentation cycle, I would be very concerned that small amounts of bacteria and wild yeast could have multiplied into dangerous levels that could seriously impact the quality of your wine. Call me paranoid, but I would definitely sterilize and start with a fresh batch of clean yeast.


Caveat: The above post is likely the product of homebrew fueled wild speculation and most likely has no basis in fact.
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Re: Use of Barrels

Postby kak » Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:34 pm

We always sanitize our barrels, use SO2 sticks, and start with fresh yeast. We did try new Hungarian barrels last year on our reds. We got a little more vanilla flavor than we would have liked, but that is characteristic of Hungarian oak. We're hoping that once it becomes more neutralized it will be the perfect complement. For the 2011s, we used French oak, medium toast.
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