Riesling wine questions

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Riesling wine questions

Postby meadsupporter » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:55 am

Riesling wine questions

I will try to give as much info as possible for my questions.

Vinters Reserve Riesling Wine Kit

The yeast used was D-47

and 6 grams of fermaid-k [1gram per gal of must on dierectios] added on day 2 of ferment

ferment temp did not get warmer than 74 F in my home.

I guess the main issue for me iss the vinters reserve kit did not instruct me to add fermaid-k or any other nutrients to the must.
Premere cuvee yeast was included with the kit but i used D-47

#1: Was it wise to add such nutrients even thought it did not say?

#2: After 7 day of fermentation I tried a small portion of it when racking to secondary and it tasted kinda hot and dry. Will it mellow after aging?

#3: finally; my gravity on racking to secondary was actually quite low at 0.992 - 0.993 is that normal after only 7 days?
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