SO2 levels safe for malolactic fermentation

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SO2 levels safe for malolactic fermentation

Post by djarvis8 » Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:10 pm


This is my first post.

I have 5 gallons of Pinot in a carboy from 2012. Brix is near zero or a little below. Tastes OK but could use a little de-gassing. My notes say that I clarified it and racked it, but I really don't remember. I'm not even sure why I left it laying around. Anyway, using a SO2 test titret shows a fairly low level, 13-15 mg/L.

I happen to have some other wine (more recent) that I plan to run through a malolactic fermentation.

What I was wondering was if it was worth a shot to run the old 2012 Pinot through a ML fermentation as well, and will it "take" with a SO2 level of 13-15mg/L? I read that the SO2 test measures "free" SO2 and not "bound". I have no idea how much bound SO2 is in there.

Secondly, if the ML just simply fails, is it OK to just forget about it and bottle it up anyway?


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